8 Surprising Things a Dog Can Smell

8 Surprising Things a Dog Can Smell

We all know dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but did you know a dog can smell:

  1. Bacteria: Dogs have been used since 1970 to sniff out bacteria diseased bee colonies, to help prevent the spread of infection. The work that would take a human 2 days, is accomplished by the dog in 45 minutes!
  2. DVDs: Dogs can smell polycarbonate in DVDs and are being used to make counterfeit DVD busts.
  3. Diabetes: Dogs are able to predict dangerous blood sugar levels and if trained can alert their owner and even fetch an insulin kit.
  4. Seizures: Seizure alert dogs can detect a faint change in scent and behavior and can warn their owner approximately 30 – 45 sec. prior to a seizure, giving the owner time to get into a safe position for the seizure.
  5. Whale Poop: Scientists need to analyze a whales fecal matter to determine its health, but whale poop sinks within a half hour of exiting the whale. Dogs have been trained to smell the poop from over a mile away.
  6. Bed Bugs: Dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs can be hired and are reported to have an accuracy as high as 96%.
  7. Cancer: In breast and lung cancer, waste products of the tumors are exhaled in the breath of the patient. Dogs have been trained to smell these waste products by sniffing a patient’s breath.
  8. Ovulation in Cows: Artificial insemination in cows is an expensive business. Dogs are being used to help cut some loses by letting farmers know when a cow is in heat and thus the best time for an insemination to be successful.

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