5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Here are 5 fantastic reasons to adopt:

  1. Save a life: millions of adoptable pets are euthanized each year, simply because there are too many and not enough resources to care for them. Adopting a pet saves that pets life, and frees up space for another pet in the shelter.
  2. Save money: adoptable pets have a minimal price tag, and often come spayed/neutered, health examined by a veterinarian, micro-chipped or tattooed and with vaccines. Some pets may even come with supplies. Many shelter pets are mixed breeds, which are generally healthier, saving you money on vet bills later in life.
  3. Older Pets: November is adopt a senior month. Older pets need homes too, and are wonderful additions to a family. Older pets are usually already house and crate trained and well socialized, and you will not have to go through the highly energetic and sometimes destructive puppy/kitten phase.
  4. The right match: Before pets are cleared for adoption, they are put through a variety of tests, both physically and behaviorally. Most shelters will be able to tell you if a pet will do well with other pets, and children. Have a specific breed in mind? Contact your local shelters and ask about being put on a waiting list if that breed comes in. While many shelter pets are mixed breeds, pure breeds come in as well.
  5. Break the Cycle: Help end the cycle of overpopulation and animal abuse. Don’t support factory breeding, puppy/kitten mills, or backyard breeders. Tell everyone about your positive experience with pet adoption and hopefully more people will consider adoption!
    Another way to help is to become a foster family for shelter animals. Being a foster home allows more animals to be saved from euthanasia, providing them a safe space and care until a suitable home becomes available. If you are interested in becoming a foster home or would like more information, contact the shelter directly.

Here is a list of some Calgary and area animal shelters to check out!

If you have questions, contact us at Chestermere Veterinary Clinic 403-272-3573, or visit us on Facebook!

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