5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet!

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet!

New Year’s resolutions often center around health and wellness, and that means your pet can take part too! Here are 5 great New Year’s Resolutions for your pet!

1. Diet – The food you feed your pet is one of the most important ways you can impact your pet’s health every single day. Find a good quality diet, ask your veterinary team for help with this one! They can help you find a diet that is optimal for your pets life stage, activity level and medical concerns. The team at Chestermere Veterinary Clinic receives ongoing education in the area of pet nutrition, so you can count on them to be up to date with the latest studies and information about what is best to feed your pet. Don’t forget to get out that measuring cup as well to make sure you aren’t over/under feeding your pet!

2. Exercise – Get your pet active, whether it be outdoors for a walk or romp at the off leash park, or playing with your cat with a laser pointer or feather toy at home. Physical exercise should be incorporated into your pets daily routine, but don’t forget about the mental exercise as well! A puzzle treat toy, hide and seek, a card board box fort, and even teaching your pet new tricks all help exercise their minds.

3. Grooming – Brush your pet often, both fur and teeth! Daily is recommended. Not only will brushing help remove dirt and matting from the fur, and plaque from the teeth, but will also promote healthier skin, teeth and gums. Grooming also allows you to spend some time giving your pet physical attention and can strengthen your bond and soothe/relax your pet.

4. Visit the vet – Make sure your pet is seen regularly by their veterinarian, at least for an annual exam until they are senior age, when it is recommended they are seen every 6 months. Just like people are recommended to see their doctors at least annually, pets are too! Why come more often as pets get older? Pets age much more quickly than people do, you may have have heard the old rule of a dog aging 7 years for every human year, while this is not entirely accurate as larger breed dogs age faster, keep it in mind. Imagine only seeing your doctor every 7 years and all of the things that could be missed out on in that time frame! Examining pets regularly, and performing blood work screens allows us to catch problems early on, so we can intervene and maintain a pets health and quality of life much more easily than catching a problem that has been going on for quite some time. Keeping your pets up to date on their vaccines is another way to help prevent them from contracting serious diseases.

5. Update Pet ID Info – It is so important to make sure your pet has up to date information should they become lost. Dogs should wear collars with tags, at least with a tag that has your current phone number, but rabies tags and city license tags can also be helpful. If you have moved or changed phone numbers since having your pets microchip or tattoo done, make sure you call the clinic you had it done at to let them know so they can update the information. Cats may also wear collars and tags, but make sure cats only wear break away collars as they are much more likely to become snagged and if they do the collar will safely break away from their neck.

If you have any questions call Chestermere Veterinary Clinic at 403-272-3573.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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  1. Pets, with their unwavering companionship, often become an anchor in our lives, providing solace during challenging times. Their nonjudgmental presence offers comfort, easing stress and anxiety. The therapeutic effects of spending time with a pet are well-documented, from lowering blood pressure to alleviating feelings of loneliness. They listen without interrupting, offering silent support in a world bustling with noise, their mere presence a soothing balm for the soul.

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