Healthy Snacks for Pets

Healthy Snacks for Pets

We all love to shower our pets with love and spoil them with tasty treats, but did you know that just a few of their favorite high calorie treats can really spoil their diet? Some of the most loved treats include bacon, cheese, and hot dogs, and these treats can really cause a pet’s waist to expand! Fat and sugar is also loaded into many packaged treats you can buy at the store. Obesity in pets is on the rise and along with it comes increased rates of arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

So next time you want to give your pet a tasty treat, consider some of these healthier lower calorie options instead:
Raw Vegetables (or your pet may prefer them cooked, just make sure you do not add any salt or butter!)
– baby carrots
– green beans
– yam
– celery
– pumpkin (remove seeds)
– zuchinni

Dried meat strips are a good option for store bought treats, check the ingredient list and make sure there is no added sugar or salt.

A great idea for summer time is freezing small chunks of fruit into ice cubes and giving to your pet outside to munch on. Safe fruits include:
– apple (remove seeds)
– kiwi
– watermelon (remove seeds)
– strawberries
– banana

You can also hide these foods inside of a rubber kong toy!

If your pet is struggling with a weight issue, be sure to talk to the team at Chestermere Veterinary Clinic at 403-272-3573 or, so we can help you start your pet on a weight loss program.

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