5 Ways to Avoid Back to School Anxiety in Pets

5 Ways to Avoid Back to School Anxiety in Pets

When the kids go back to school, pets also notice and feel the effects. It is a transition period for them too, as they have become used to the extra time and attention from their family. The house suddenly becomes empty and quiet again during the day, and this can lead to some pets becoming anxious or depressed.

How can you help ease your pets through the transition?

  1. Routines – try to start adjusting the daily routine before school starts. Start following the feeding and exercise routines that they will experience once the kids are back in school.
  2. Separation – ease your pet into longer periods of being alone.
  3. Special toys – try giving your pet an interactive toy to play with while you are away. Puzzle toys where your pet needs to figure out how to remove toys from within another toy, or treat balls that need to be played with in order to get the treats out, can give bored pets something to do.
  4. Physical activity – make sure pets are still receiving regular physical activity. If possible an early morning walk for your dog is ideal and will help your dog to be more relaxed and calm during the day. Play with cats too, using a laser pointer or wand toy.
  5. See the Vet – September marks the start of a busy school year ahead, with homework and recreational activities, making time to see the vet can take a back seat. If your pet is coming due for their annual exam or vaccines, book them sooner than later to make sure your pet does not become overdue. Call Chestermere Veterinary Clinic at 403-272-2573 to book an appointment.

If you find your pet is having trouble adjusting to the new back to school schedule and starts to present some troubling behaviors due to their anxiety, or you feel they are depressed, speak with your veterinarian about options that can help.

If you have questions, contact us at Chestermere Veterinary Clinic 403-272-3573, or visit us on Facebook!

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