Dr. Jeff Lees


Dr. Jeff was born in Manitoba, but moved to Calgary at a young age, and has lived in Alberta ever since, now residing in Chestermere. He tried a few career paths before finding his passion. He first went to school for kinesiology and was a personal trainer in corporate Calgary. He then tried emergency medicine as an EMT.

He has now settled into a career in Veterinary Medicine.  He started working as a mixed animal veterinarian in Alberta working with all animals. He has since changed streams to focus his practice on small animals, but still holds a strong interest in farm animal medicine.  He is most interested in surgery and dentistry. He is Fear Free Level 2 certified. 

Dr. Jeff joined the Chestermere team in 2021 for the balance between work and family life. He is looking forward to working in the same community he calls home. 

Dr. Jeff’s family of 4 includes his wife, son, and cat named Peanut Butter – a retired teaching cat from the University. As a new home owner, Dr. Jeff has been enjoying (or sometimes not!) lots of DIY repairs and renos.  He also enjoys water sports and tries to get out on the lake as much as possible.