Dr. Gabby Rotaru


dr-gabby-rotaru-and-felixDr. Gabby Rotaru believes she has the best job in the world: if you think about it, what other job fills your heart with so much joy that it really brings tears to your eyes, makes you laugh and wonder, discover and create, is never boring and so uplifting? And in what other job can you feel that you truly make lives better (pets and owners alike) and learn every day from each and every pet you meet? There is this invisible bond that forms between you and all animal lovers that come through the door: owners and pets are a second family to her, they get to know each other, trust and respect each other and for this she is so grateful! 

Dr. Gabby moved to Canada in 2001 with 2 cats & 2 dogs. She feels it was one of the best decisions she ever made! She graduated in 1997 in Romania, Europe and has worked in the small animal field ever since. 

Dr. Gabby truly enjoys the combination of internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology and laboratory, which make her job so interesting. She also enjoys educating people how to prevent disease in their pets, this is where the true challenge is! Working emergencies for about 5 years before starting to work at Chestermere made her realize that some things can be prevented and it is up to us to help our pets stay out of trouble and stay healthy! She is Fear Free Level 2 certified and an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist.

In her spare time she loves going biking and hiking, spending time with friends or cuddling on the sofa with her cat Ziggy. Dr. Gabby can be found spending her spare time reading, volunteering and providing education for different groups. She enjoys helping others discover tools to improve their life.