Camping with Pets


Tent – check!
Sleeping Bags – check!
Cooler – check!
Kids & Pets – check!

As nice as it would be to pack up the car and hit the road, here are some things to consider before heading out with your furry friends:

Ensure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and consider parasite prevention, especially if your pet likes to hunt or eat animal feces. Tick protection is also a good idea if your pets will be hiking with you. Talk to your veterinarian to determine which parasite prevention suits your pets needs best.

Slowly introduce your pet to the campground. Bring their own blankets, food and water bowls and toys to make them more comfortable. Ensure your pet has a clean dry place to sleep and fresh drinking water. Be sure to remove any uneaten food to prevent wildlife visitors!

Also make sure you always have ample water for your pet, they too can become dehydrated just like us, especially if having an active day out in the heat. If hiking, remember to bring a water bottle and bowl for your pet to drink out of. Collapsible and disposable bowls are great for hiking as they take up very little space in a pack. Alternatively, pet water bottles that have a special drinking spout can be purchased so that a bowl is not necessary.

When you can’t directly supervise your pet, have them on a leash in a shaded area. If you have a dog that may become aggressive, consider putting up a sign to warn other campers to keep their distance.

One of the most important things when taking your pet to a strange new place is identification. A tattoo or microchip can help a lost pet find its way home. ID tags can be purchased at most pet stores including temporary ones that allow you to write information directly on a paper insert that slides into a protective tag. Make a temporary name tag with your campsite number on it in case your pet explores without you!

Pets can have a fun weekend camping with no injuries or illnesses, especially if you are prepared. Do your research ahead of time to find a veterinary clinic nearby so you can save time if an emergency situation arises.

Remember to keep your pet away from campfires and cook-stoves, and consider a life-jacket for your pet if you are spending time on a boat or near water. Don’t forget to have a stocked pet first aid kit on hand just in case!

Happy Camping!

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