Preventative Pet Care and Vaccinations

In medicine, the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true.

We provide Fear Free preventative wellness exams and all vaccinations recommended for cats and dogs to prevent disease and improve quality of life.

Our Fear Free wellness exams are recommended annually for young healthy pets and twice a year for senior pets.

We are here to assist you and your pet throughout their life as their needs change. Vaccinations are based on your pet’s individual lifestyle and risk factors.

Our Fear Free Consultations and physical examinations to assess illness and injury: Includes referrals to specialists as needed.

What and how much your pet eats is vital to their health and longevity!  Ask about our Nutrition Consultations and Weight Loss Programs.

We believe in evidence based medicine and educating our clients on best care for their pets

Preventive care helps you get more time with your pet and spend less money on costly medications and surgeries for illnesses that can be prevented.