better way Fear free grooming visits to benefit your pets

Pre-Visit Pharmaceuticals

When the veterinarian prescribes pre-visit pharmaceuticals (PVPs), it’s normal to be concerned about trying something new. We understand that you love your pet and may be fearful about veterinary care because of your pet’s level of Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (FAS), or how that FAS manifests. Some common concerns are: worrying that your pet may …

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Canadian Animal Blood bank hero

Canadian Animal Blood Bank

We are proud to be a host clinic for the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB). The next donor date at our clinic is Saturday September 3, 2022. Every donation can make a difference in the lives of 3 dogs and their families across Canada. If you are interested in your dog becoming a blood donor, …

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Aromatherapy and Pets

By: Dr. Gabby Rotaru I always believed in the body’s ability to heal, and I was fascinated by some natural supplements that can help healing. Becoming an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist was an exciting journey and it continues to be an amazing experience! I was able to find reliable, safe, research-based information regarding the use of …

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Natural Pet Health Care

​These days there is a lot of awareness about being healthy and going natural! While we may have lots of great ideas about natural health care for ourselves, many of us don’t know how we can also care naturally for our pets. Read on for some great ideas! Like humans, the best and most natural …

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