Laboratory & Radiology


Our in house laboratory allows us to provide detailed lab results for our patients quickly. 

Our health profiles examines your pets blood to look for concerns and include a complete blood count (CBC), kidney and liver function, pancreatic values, glucose (sugar) levels for diabetes as well as proteins. 

Checking a urine sample can provide us information such as bacterial infections, crystals, early kidney disease and more. 

pet labs

There are some advanced tests that we are unable to run in house.

We partner with 2 referral labs: Idexx and Antech Diagnostics who will pick samples up from us and provide results as soon as possible. 

Learn more about blood work and your pet.


Our Idexx digital radiology allows us to take clear and detailed x-ray images. Digital radiology allows us to view our images quickly, as no film processing time is required. We are able to lighten, darken, zoom, and more, to focus on certain areas. This means less images need to be taken of our patients, lowering their exposure to x-ray radiation. We can also share images digitally with clients and referral hospitals if needed.

pet radiology