Dr. Roberto Martinez


dr-roberto-martinez-and-carusoDr. Roberto Martinez was born and raised in Venezuela, a beautiful country with much geographic diversity. His decision to enter the profession of veterinary medicine was an easy one from an early age. Roberto was fascinated by animals, science, Jacques Cousteau and the Calypso, National Geographic documentaries and spent a lot of his vacation time at his uncle’s farm where he got the chance to interact with live animals and help out in different aspects of farming.

In 1994, Dr. Roberto graduated and spent one year in a small animal practice in Caracas. Later, he was hired and trained as a pathologist in a research institute. Dr. Roberto moved to Canada in 1996 as a MVSc student in veterinary pathology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After finishing his program he realized that pathology was not the career path he wanted to pursue. It was challenging as he could not see himself spending every day in a lab with minimal interaction with the public and most importantly, with animals.

Dr. Roberto’s other passions include traveling and volunteering. Dr. Roberto joined the Chestermere team in 2017. Dr. Roberto has acquired very valuable experiences from his work and has learned a great deal from the practices he has worked with.