Dr. Kim Barclay

Locum Veterinarian

Dr. Kim Barclay-duoDr. Kim Barclay was born in Vancouver, British Columbia but went to school and was raised in Alberta. She knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from the age of 5 years old! After going straight from high school to university, she was accepted into the veterinary program on her first application and went on to graduate at the top of her class. Dr. Kim never really thought about a different career or profession and is still just as passionate about Veterinary medicine as when she was 5 years old! 

For Dr. Kim’s first 25 years of practice she loved and pursued emergency veterinary medicine but eventually the late and long hours began to take a toll and she decided to move into more of a primary care role. Dr. Kim has found it both a fun and exciting time to learn and explore a different and more consistent aspect of veterinary medicine and more stable lifestyle. Trying to help clients and their pets BEFORE it becomes an emergency situation has become a new passion and interest for her. Dr. Kim joined the Chestermere team in 2017. 

Dr. Kim has always loved all animals but pets have always been the main loves in her life. Dr. Kim and her husband have 4 lovely pets, Pebbles, a mixed spaniel rescue, a wild rescue cat named TikTak toes (because she has 6 toes on each foot), Newton, a Ragdoll cat and AiriElle a papillon who is incredibly cute and has brought ALOT of excitement and energy to the household!

As an athletic younger person, Dr. Kim was found to have a very serious heart condition. However, that has never slowed or stopped this stubborn red head and she continues to go for hikes in the mountains and down in the river valleys of Calgary and area with her husband. The couple love traveling and have been to Costa Rica, Australia, Belize, Galápagos Islands, England, Italy, France and many more countries and love to look and take pictures of all the unique wild life around the world.