Halloween Pet Safety

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween: Keep your cats indoors at Halloween. This is a time of year when cats (especially black and orange ones) may be stolen for pranks or other unfortunate reasons. Halloween can be a frightening and stressful time for a pet. The doorbell ringing continuously can …

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with your family, friends, and pets. It is also a great time for sharing some delicious meals! However, there are some hazards to think about at this time of year. How can you keep your pets safe and have a great holiday? To start, a safe place for …

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Camping with Pets

Tent – check! Sleeping Bags – check! Cooler – check! Kids & Pets – check! As nice as it would be to pack up the car and hit the road, here are some things to consider before heading out with your furry friends: Ensure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and consider parasite prevention, …

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Abandoned Baby Rabbits and Hares

Abandoned Baby Rabbits and Hares

On a walk you or your dog may find or encounter some baby rabbits that appear to be abandoned. Many people mean well when they contact professionals after discovering an abandoned nest of wild rabbits or an orphaned baby rabbit alone in an open field. Often they wish to care foster them. The reality is …

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Gardening Dangers for Pets

Gardening Dangers for Pets

Spending time outside with your pet can be enjoyable and relaxing. But what happens when your pet’s curiosity gets the best of them? They may try to help you plant your new garden or even munch on the new pile of mulch you just had delivered. Though gardening with your pet can be fun and …

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Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention

Spring has finally sprung! The weather is improving and dogs and cats that have been cooped up all winter are loving the outdoors! Unfortunately, that also means that you are very likely to encounter an “unwanted gift” (fecal matter) on the grass and even on the sidewalk while you take your pets for a walk. This …

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4 Easter Dangers to Avoid

4 Easter Dangers to Avoid

Easter is just around the corner! Please remember to keep these popular Easter items away from your pets: 1) Easter Lilies – Highly toxic to cats (yet only causing minor gastrointestinal upset in dogs), all parts of the Easter Lily are toxic; leaves, stem and even pollen. As little as 1 leaf or a small amount of …

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Rabies Risk in Canada

Think rabies is a thing of the past or only found in undeveloped countries? Think again! Even in Alberta rabies infections occur. The virus is typically found in wildlife such as bats, skunks, raccoons, coyotes and foxes. These wild animals can come into contact with pets and humans. Rabies may affect all mammals, including human beings. …

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